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Although the above two things are some contradictions between us, I write them here, and you may think that our relationship will not be frozen, but in fact there is not. As a person with independent thinking, it is normal to have your own ideas, and it is also necessary to learn from each other. From Uncle Griffin, I have learned that sometimes it is not necessary to be so evasive when doing things. Let things dhow to make money from web siteevelop more clearly, think about things, and be more open-minded. As a man, you should not be too hypocritical and petty. I will communicate more when I have time. "

The way to make money from crowdfunding courses is very simple, which is to use the information gap between buyers and sellers to make money. For example, if the original price is 1,000 yuan, 10 people will each pay 100 yuan to buy the course, but if the 11th person joins, then the 11th The individual is the profit of the matchmaker, and it can be obtained by the same reason. Course crowdfunding is to make money that exceeds the original number of people in the group, because the course itself is reproducible.

So the first and second step rewards are easy to get, but some game masters will spend less time, but if you are a novice like me, they will just hang up, and sometimes hang up during work. Just need to collect the reward when time is up, and it’s okay for me to make twenty yuan a day. At present, it seems that the rewards for the first three steps of [Ju Xiang You] trial have increased by about 30%, and most people have pros who like to play games to make money, you can even choose [Ju Xiang You].

The third is to make money by investigating. Register on the survey website. They will send you surveys from time to time. You just fill in. You can ask for money when the amount of money is requested. This is only suitable for part-time jobs. Investigations are not available every day, so don’t Too much time was spent on it. The more reputable domestic survey networks include China Survey and Tike Survey. If you do, you can try to do it, just for fun. But this money is very small, only for fun

Reception and explanation: The white vest comes in and needs someone to explain the status of the platform and understand the operation of the platform. Go through the membership formalities.

(2) Hotel sales-generally weddings are designated by the hotel, the deepest water here! Any hotel instructs the wedding to be either a phow to make money from web siterivate room (ranging from 20W-100w) or a hotel sales introduction. The hotel sales introduction is very cruel, often a list of 1K-2K. Large orders can cost tens of thousands. You said that the wedding profits went there, but in fact this part is the bulk. If you want to find a good source of customers, you have to spend money first. Don't talk about the huge profits in this business, it is all big fish eating small fish, and small fish eating dried shrimps.

1. You can make money by playing games. You can get commissions as long as you meet certain requirements by experiencing the trial game. Of course, as long as the higher the level, the more rewards you will get. It can be said that playing games now makes money At present, the most popular project to make money by playing games, as the name implies, is to make money while playing games. The games played are our common web or board games. How much money can I earn by playing games? The monthly income of 6,000 yuan is less, because there are many game trial platforms now, each game has a level reward (reward the first player to complete the task, 1,000 yuan or more) and monthly trial ranking rewards ( Reward the person who made the most money by playing games that month, the first prize is 3000 yuan), and the level rewards for winning several games basically won the monthly trial play. If you still don’t know that playing games can make money, and you still play games that only kill time every day, then it’s really a bit out of date.

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